About Sariah…| Listen to New Single ‘Hypnotic’!

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Listen to “Hypnotic” from Sariah by clicking here!!!

Sariah’s story begins in a world of manners and manicures.  Hailing from the blue-blooded Brookline neighborhood of Boston, Sariah always craved a little more flavor than the white-bread backdrop of her childhood could provide.  At a young age she joined a hip-hop dance troop, and quickly popped & locked her way into the urban scene.

Sariah discovered New York City, and simultaneously herself, and it’s here that she met renowned choreographer Rhapsody, a team of producers including Andy Marvel (Madonna), Martin Briley (Daughtry), and Jeff Franzel (‘NSync), quickly forming a dynamic posse of talent at her back. In this new world of asphalt and strobing lights, her daily rhythm a non-stop mash-up of culture and sound, she set to work crafting her songs and wearing holes through her dancefloor kicks.

Today she is an urban pop empress, serving up gem-encrusted beats to a sweaty crowd of beautiful girls, pretty boys, hip-hop heads, and street elite. “It’s always been about the performance,” Sariah explains, “that’s what got me into music in the first place. I love the idea of transforming from a powerful woman to a no-holds-barred onstage sensation.”

With Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys fueling Sariah’s love for epic r&b power jams, Sariah floats effortlessly amidst genres. Her debut project, The Lethal EP, is a six-track release (with an exclusive bonus track on iTunes) that transcends labels of urban, hip-hop, diva-soul, or gyrating dance princess.

Sometimes an epic love ballad, sometimes an anthemic banquette stomper, Sariah’s music is always straight from her heart. “I don’t think it would be believable if I didn’t write my own music,” she reflects, layering on custom heart pins and her signature pave star ring.  “All of my songs are inspired by personal love stories, both good and bad.”

Sariah’s music is the soundtrack of today’s modern love story. Whether she’s igniting the dancefloor or flickering the flame of a new romance, one thing is certain: this Queen of Hearts has just begun her reign of nightlife supremacy.

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