Nicholas Cole | A Journey Of One (Avail Now)

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The Youth Spot welcomes an entirely different flow to the mix of things here on the blog. A unique artist whose music will gather all young and old listeners together. With music that stimulates a mature sound, seventeen year old Nicholas Cole breaks out to the world with a rather appealing mix of jazz tunes to form, “A Journey Of One”. After a good listen of the 1st 2 tracks, you will be amazed at the magnitude of his talent and depth of his skills. In fact, we couldn’t make up our mind on whether or not we should add this post on the ‘News/New Releases’ blog since it still would hold its relevance there. In any event, we believe the spot has plenty of space to accommodate his presence.

Nicholas dabbles on the keyboards with such passion and charisma, the young lion’s sound is comparable to keyboardists Brian Culbertson, Oli Silk and many others. Breathing life into the artform of Jazz with class!

Visit Mr. Cole’s website for all up to date info, song samples and ultimately the purchase!

Website: Nicholas Cole

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