Trumpet Grrrl | “The Basement Tracks” (Avail Now)

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Trumpet Grrrl’s new album, “The Basement Tracks’,

 released on world-wide distribution label,

Cinderella Records

Trumpet Grrrl is succeeding in her passion to spread love and good times through music. Musik and Film

United States of America
March 11, 2011 —
Trumpet Grrrl’s new album, “The Basement Tracks’, is now released on
world-wide distribution label, Cinderella Records. ” We find her music
unique and emotive, with her mix of jazz/rock”, says Cindy Houston,VP,
Musik and Film.

Trumpet Grrrl picked up trumpet at the age of 10 and began her training
classically. Through youth programs she was able to perform at Carnegie
Hall, with The National Symphony Orchestra and study under many great

Her music on her new release has been
referred to in “The Washington City Paper” as “eccentric, sonorous
vocals and playful tempo changes,” and that it “wouldn’t sound out of
place soundtracking an early Spike Lee movie. TG’s unique combination of
trumpet, keyboard, and vocals and avid interest in many genres of music
has resulted in a new and exciting sound.”

Trumpet Grrrl now tours as a solo artist incorporating trumpet and her passion for different genres into rock music. She has only just begun her musical journey and plans to continue her
mission of uplifting others with her creativity and passion for music.

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