16 Year Old Pop/Christian Vocalist Eva Sabiniano to Release New CD, “Born to Praise” on Oct. 21st, 2013

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Contemporary-Hip-Hop-R&B Female Artist Eva Sabiniano’s Upcoming 4TH CD Album

Eva is an awesome mature young gospel artist putting God first and taking care of her father’s kingdom business always seeking those she comes into contact with that God’s got your back and will continue taking care you.

PRLog (Press Release) – DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — The long awaited BORN TO PRAISE CD #4 which will be released is set for Oct 21, 2013. what she love’s about her music ministry, describes herself as who she really wants to be as an faithful christian artist. The cd will have a mixture of catchy upbeat hip hop, R&B, Pop tunes combination with meaningful lyrics which can be related many others out there. she pray many hearts will touch.

Eva, an unsigned 16 year old R&B Pop Christian Artist and singer/songwriter from Lynwood, WA. Ready to tour nationwide and international.We ask that all churches as well as promoters to please consider booking eva supporting her upcoming CD. She can be found on the website www.evasborntopraiseministry.com. her music is joyful, uplifting, inspiring, affirmative, exuberant, very strong message which will bless your soul over and over again.much new anticipated new album cd full anointing with flow,souls and miracles happen.

She has been interviewing on multiple radio stations and Internet stations as well as different magazine; more and more stations are playing her music across the country. For more information on Eva Sabiniano, her music, merchandise or how you can get her music on your station, please contact us through her website.

This artist is full of abundant with love, faith, rhythm,and on the stage powerhouse spreading God’s word with non-believer and true believers born again. Her greatest dream is work with top notch artist. kick off her summer 2013 tour with a brand new single He your NUMBER ONE. she continue making awesome music and create with God’s ability and talent which was given her to reach other in her music ministry.

Here are some links to check them out.

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