Look out for New Pop/R&B Singer Charlie B.

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Michael Jackson Reincarnation as Pop Sensation

Charlie B?

Now that the question regarding which Record
Label Charlie B, the 19 Year Old Pop Sensation would sign with has been
answered, more questions have risen to the surface.

Dallas/Fort Worth,
United States of America
April 8, 2011 —
Now that the question regarding which Record Label Charlie B, the 19
Year Old Pop Sensation would sign with has been answered, more questions
have risen to the surface. CMG Records inked a deal with Charlie B the
first week of February after months of conversations, much speculation,
and multiple offers from Major Labels. Charlie B is billed to be the
next multi-talented Pop superstar to be introduced to the market since
Michael Jackson. This last statement is where most of the questions are
stemming from.

There have been several artists who have made huge splashes in the Pop
genre since Michael Jackson’s glorious run, including the likes of
Usher, Justin Timberlake, and now Justin Bieber. So why the comparisons
to Michael Jackson? Why would Michael Jackson possibly reincarnate as
Charlie B? Lets break down both artists below:


From first glance, it is self evident that Charlie B and the King share
very similar characteristics that range from facial features to similar
styles and tastes in fashion. Michael Jackson and Charlie B are both
measure around 6ft in height and are long and slender in stature. Both
artists have a very calm aura about them and a smile that could light up
a coliseum.

Dancing Ability:

The King is arguably the best dancer to ever grace the surface of the
Earth and it would be very difficult to fathom anyone to ever come
close. Charlie B has gained a popular name for being a great dancer that
incorporates many of today’s dance moves with moves from the King
himself and Elvis Presley. Often you will find him in performances or on
or dance floors across the nation emulating the King’s moves to near

Singing Ability:

Vocally Michael Jackson had a range and tone like non-other; powerful,
yet sweet, and fun all at the same time. His soft-spoken demeanor
translated beautifully in the soft angelic voice coupled with
indescribable charisma and style. Charlie B is also very soft-spoken and
has a unique voice and tone that is near unmatchable, and similar to
the King, completely demands the attention of everyone around when he
tells a story through song.


We may never know the truth behind the speculation of Michael Jacksons’
reincarnation as Charlie B but one thing is for sure, there is a very
strong case. Charlie B will make his idol, the King, proud and will
bring joy and fun back to music. Are you ready for the ride?

Charlie B’s first mixtape “I AM Charlie B” is free and will be released
on April 15th. The full-length, album quality mixtape includes tracks
like “Who AM I?”, “Winner”, and “RockStar Mission” which all present a
very positive, powerful, yet fun vibe. Within the “I Am Charlie b”
mixtape, do not be surprised to hear several of them on your local FM
Radio stations.

He will follow up the FREE mixtape with his debut single “Live It Up” on
April 26th which will be Available worldwide through Universal Records.

Download the FREE “I AM Charlie B” mixtape on April 15th: www.charlieb.bandcamp.com


CMG Records:

website: www.thecmgrecords.com
twitter: www.twitter.com/thecmgrecords

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