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April 28, 2011

LISTEN to New Single by Young Heartthrob Blake Ladd | “By My Side”

Future heartthrob Blake Ladd offers a shoulder to lean on & a hand to hold on the new single “By My Side”!

Listen to the brand new single right here:
By My Side (Audio): 

**About Blake Ladd**   
Growing up in Santa Barbara, a small town just north of Los Angeles, Blake used to run around the house singing and dancing for his friends and family at parties and get-togethers. His natural ability to become the life of the party planted the seed, which Blake soon began to nurture, singing and dancing every chance he had. Although just a stone’s throw away from the entertainment capital of the world, Blake’s family never pushed him in that direction. To hear it from his mouth directly, “My parents are following my lead as far as this career path. We have a deal; as long as I’m doing well in school I can dance and sing all I want!” To continue, please click “MORE”!