WATCH NEW VIDEO: Alissa Cavallaro “Journey Isn’t Over” Anti Bullying theme Song Feat. Big Daddy Kane

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Alissa & Big Daddy Kane - Journey Isn't Over
Pre-Order on iTunes and Amazon! Available July 1st, 2014

Legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane cares about the youth and their self-esteem. Because of that he has joined forces with a 15-year-old singer Alissa Cavallaro for the anti-bullying campaign “Don’t Be Pushed Around.” The campaign will be anchored by a musical collaboration between the two called “Journey Isn’t Over.”

Alissa ft. Big Daddy Kane – Journey Isn’t Over from the ghettonerd co. on Vimeo.

Together the singer and rapper have created a musical journey of positive, pulsating lyrics ensuring the listener’s confidence and giving voice to young people who often feel helpless. “Journey Isn’t Over” is available on line everywhere including Amazon and iTunes .com. The single will go on sale July 1st!!! “Journey Isn’t Over” music video is presented by The Ghettonerd Co. and Double XXposure Media, directed by Max Sainvil.

You can learn more about Alissa Cavallaro and the “Don’t Be Pushed Around” campaign by heading over to Alissa

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